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Alexandre Bigey, Tahiti, French Polynesia

1:144th scale kit of military, civilian and Yesteryear

Andrew Doppel, Victoria, AUS 1:72nd scale Civilian Airliners
Carlos Alberto Callogui , Brazil
1:144th Civilian airliners
Cary Baker,
1:144th military
Dan Dorseif
1:72nd scale classic airliner
David Campleton,
1:144th scale military
Frank Cuden, USA
1:144th Military
Gerry Talbot, Australia
1:72nd Classic Airliner
Harry Bratz, Norway
1:72nd Proteus Convair
Harry Folas, New Zealand
1:144th scale military and civilian airliners
Kevin Payne, GB
1:72nd Military transport
Kevin Muchalsingh, Northants, GB
1:144th Civil Airliners
GJW Umbgrove, Netherlands
1:144th Civil Airliners
Hans Siegl
1:144th Civil airliners
Jessica Cooper, Canada
1:72nd scale airliners
Johnathan Clapp, MA, USA 1:144th scale Airliners
Max Meier, Switzerland
1:144th Civil Airliners
Micheal Anciaux,
1:144th scale military and civilian airliners
Morgan Williams, GB
1:144th scale civilian airliners
Stephen Williams, GB 1:72nd scale and 1:144th scale airliners
Rob Booth, USA
1:72nd Proteus Convair
Roger Luck, GB
1:144th Civilian and cargo airliners
Roland Zephir, France
1:144th scale civilian Airliners
Ruediger Hain, Germany
1:144th scale civilian airliners
Sigmond Lode Bernsten
1:72nd scale Classic airliner
Vince James, Wales, GB
1:144th scale civilian airliners
Vladmir Dercan, CZ
1:72nd scale classic airliner

Welcome to our gallery - it showcases images of our kits sent to us by various modellers throughout the world. Whilst we have to amend the images to be acceptable for the web, they are otherwise untouched and represent the work of those given credit where applicable. It may be that in time credits may somehow be misjudged or incorrectly applied. therefore we ask those who may be affected in any way to contact us to rectify the issues. On each page relating to the originator of the images, we sometime have links to include Kit numbers where we have used their images to give a better understanding of the kit when it is expertly made up. We thank everyone involved for their time and effort in making the efforts to send us their images.

If you have any images of kits you have taken, please photograph them where possible against a plain background and send the original UNTOUCHED image together with your details of name and country to densilwade@welshmodels.co.uk and we will evaluate if it can be used in any way. Of late a number of people are sending us small images taken on mobile phones. Whilst we appreciate this may be the only imaging device you have, some are of a standard that just do not 'work' when altered to view on the web.