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1:144th Metal Undercarriage Sets
Douglas DC-8
8.20p + P&P
Caravelle Range
8.20p + P&P
Convair 990
9.22p + P&P
Vickers VC 10
8.20p + P&P
Boeing 757
8.20p + P&P
Boeing 747
11.28p + P&P
Metal propellers, (Ejector sets and crew where indicated)
Bristol 170, Varsity, Valetta, HS748,CV440, DC-3, Ambassador, F27 & ATR 42
Devon, Pembroke & Twin Pioneer
Britannia, Vangaurd, Stratocruiser, C130 Hercules, Argonaut, York, Beverly, Constellation, CL44, Belfast & Electra
Viscount, Shorts 330/360, Bae ATP& Fokker 50
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Avro Shackleton x 8
DC-4, Argosy & Hastings
Ejector Seats & Crew x 2
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4 x Resin Props and Engines for Super Costellation 1049G
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Engine Sets
RE-001 - Boeing 747 100/200 Pratt and Whitney JT9-D-3's (Early Version) UK & E 15.63p .....ROW 14.07p (+ P&P)
RE-002 - Boeing 747 200/300/SP Series Pratt and Whitney JT9-D-7's UK & E 15.63p..... ROW 14.07p (+ P&P)
RE-003 - Boeing 777 200ER / 300 LR, GE-90-115B engines, extended wing strakes and full Undercarridge inc wheels, doors, re-tract arms and main assemblies all in Pressure Moulded resin parts. UK & E 25.06p .....ROW 22.56p (+ P&P)
RE-004 - DC-8-62 / 63 - PW JT3-D7 engines and pylons + metal undercarridge UK & E 17.25p .....ROW 15.53p (+ P&P)
RE-005 - Boeing 747 100/200/SP full resin 40 Piece undercarriage set UK & E 13.58p .....ROW 12.25p (+P&P)
RE-006 - Boeing 720 PW JT3C engine set in Resin. suitable for Rodens new kit which may not be to scale UK & E 9.99p .......ROW 8.99p (+P&P)
RE-007 - BAC 1-11 Rolls Royce Spey engine - Original UK & E 7.99p .......ROW 6.99p (+P&P)
RE-008 - BAC 1-11 Rolls Royce Spey engine - with hush kits UK & E 7.99p .......ROW 6.99p (+P&P)
Wing and Flap Sets
Boeing 747-100/200/300 wing, main landing flap and Krueger flap set for Revell's and Welshmodels 1:144th scale kits. RE026 Images UK & E 49,97p.........ROW 44.98p(+P&P)