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We are a Aircraft Kit model business based in 'South' Wales, United Kingdom. We are proud of our Welsh heritage and the Welsh Dragon proudly adorns our kits and web site alike.

The business was started in 1979 by the owner Densil Wade. The initial few 1:144th scale kits were somewhat basic by today's standards, but the company became known for its accuracy of scale and shape, two all important factors expressed as necessary by modellers themselves.

The company has evolved into a business which has now established itself into the 1:72nd scale market, and has a total of over two hundred kits in both scales together with conversion kits available for sale. There are various items for the range available for sale individually in the form of Pressure moulded Resin parts, metal parts and some decals from previous kits along with current window decals available.

Whilst the range was initially made of kits with Vacuumed Formed parts, this has diversified into Vac Formed fuselages with Pressure moulded resin and metal parts to complete, which greatly improve the finished shape and detail for modellers. The company has tried various ways of producing Pressure moulded fuselages, but due to the current credit crisis throughout the world, the spiralling cost involved has made us look at other ways of producing simular items at a much cheaper costing. This is certainly still being considered, but there has been a remarkable preference by skilled modellers to retain the current format, stating that there is less filling required with this current method than many mass produced plastic kits available today. This has allowed us to venture into producing Pressure Resin Moulded parts for the kits including engines and now undercarriage sets, which offer substantially more detail than ever before.

As ever we have tried to keep a balanced range of kits, with both civil, military, vintage and modern on offer. There are always those who contact us requesting various kits to be made, but we have to bear in mind the many other companies available on the market who produce simular or identical kits often at less cost. What Welsh Models have always strived for is correct detail and size within the scale. There are many small firms trying to do likewise, but after nearly 50 years in total of mould making, Welsh Models are fully aware of many considerations within mould making and production which achieve these details and sizes when manufactured. There are equally many individuals who produce kits as a side line or hobby, whilst having 'day' jobs. Whilst we often admire their efforts, they don't always achieve what the modeller needs, and thereby Welsh models is proud to produce kits that are revered by the public, for a reasonable cost, and with probably the most research and accuracy available today.

Not only have we established a large range of kits for sale in our own right, but we have also taken on the sole trading rights to sell 'Proteus' manufactured 1:72nd scale Kits. The owner Bob Crowe is an accomplished pattern maker and Welsh Models has assisted in bringing his kits to the market place. Sadly due to ill health, there have not been any recent releases from this company, but we are assured that work is taking place to bring further releases, hopefully during 2013.