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This page should guide you through our order process.

Please be aware we accept the following methods of payment.

1. Mastercard.

2. Visa Card.

3. International Money order in £ Stirling .

4. Bankers cheque drawn on British Banks only.

We regret we do not use Paypal ® as we are then able to offer the lowest price available for our kits when purchased through ourselves.

You are able to purchase kits by one of three methods.

1. Ring us via international telephone 00 44 1446 710113 or UK telephone 01446 710113 between 1900 (7pm) and 2100 (9pm) BRITISH time ANY WEEKDAY ONLY (Please do not ring on weekends). We will then arrange all details in order to arrange a kit to be sent to you.

2. Fax us on the same telephone lines above any time or night , with your full name, telephone, address including postal / zip code and prefferred method of payment, (Card details if method of payment), indicating which kits/items you wish to purchase.

3. E-mail us with your requested details as above and indicate which method of payment you prefer, we will then advise you further via e-mail. Please note if the customer wishes to send their credit card details by e-mail, we do not accept liability for that e-mail whilst it is being sent to our e-mail address.

Please note there are postal charges involved for all items on sale from our company. There is a minimum order charge of £15.00p if paying by credit card not including shipping or postal charges. For the purchase of Decals, please provide a stamp addressed A4 sized envelope with appropriate postage applied.

Currently postage rates have risen with the British postal service, we will now quote per country and per items ordered in each case.

PLEASE NOTE - we do not accept payment by PAYPAL® at present. All payments are accepted by either Visa, Mastercard, IMO or a cheque drawn on a British Bank. It is feasible in the future that we will open an account with Paypal, but whilst we run the current payment system, you the customer benefit financially . Until it becomes uneconomical to use this system through interest rates etc, we will continue so you the customer benefit.