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New Releases

February 2015 - CLS72-24 - D.H.Comet 4B in BEA Red Sqaure livery.

January 2015 - SL328R - EMB195LR in LOT Polish Airways livery.

January 2015 - SL303R - CRJ 700 in Air FRance/LOT Livery.

January 2015 - CLS72-25 - DH Comet 4B in Olympic livery.

January 2015 - SL326P - Boeing 747SP-31 in Trans World livery

January 2015 - SL329V - Boeing 747SP-21 in PAN AM livery

January 2015 - SL298R - Bombardier CRJ200ER in Comair-Delta Connection livery

October 2014 - MT34P - Boeing RC135W Rivet Joint (CFM) in USAF Livery

Sept 2014 - MT38P - Boeing RC-135W Rivet joint (PW) in USAF livery

Sept 2014 - PJW84P - Boeing RC-135W Airseeker in RAF livery

August 2014 - SL298R - Bombardier CRJ200 Delta Connection Livery

August 2014 - SL317R - Bombardier CRJ900 Northwest Airlink Livery.

August 2014 - SL316R - Bombardier CRJ701 ER in Lufthansa Regional Livery.

August 2014 - SL315V - Boeing 747-267 /367 in Cathay Pacific Livery.

August 2014 - SL314R - Bombardier CRJ700 in Brit Air Livery.

June 2014 - CLS72-023 - 1:72nd Boeing 737-300/400 in Austrailian Airlines livery.

June 2014 - PJW81R - Vickers Varsity T1 Long Radar Nose - Royal Aircraft Establishment.

May 2014 - SL299R - BAe Jetstream 41 in SAA/Airlink Livery

May 2014 - PJW83R - Boeing RC-135W 'Airseeker'in RAF markings..

May 2014 - SL295R - EMB 135 ER in Contineal Express livery.

May 2014 - PJW80R - Vickers Varsity 668 T Mk.1 in RAF markings..

May 2014 - SL313V - Lockheed L1011-Tristar 500 in TAP (Portugal) Livery.

March 2014 - SL311R - Embraer EMB-175 in Air Canada Express livery

March 2014 - SL312P - Lockheed L1011-Tristar 500 in TAP (Portugal) Livery.

March 2014 - MT25V - Lockheed WV-E2/121N AEW in US Navy Livery.

February 2014 - SL310P - Canadair CL-44-D4 in TransMeridian livery

February 2014 - SL305P - Canadair CL-44-D4 in Tradewinds livery

January 2014 - MT35R - Boeing KC135 R Stratotanker- USAF

January 2014 - SL296P - Douglas DC-8-32/33 1:144th scale - PAN-AM.

January 2014 - SL297P - Douglas DC-8-32 1:144th scale - Northwest.

January 2014 - SL308R - Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 1:144th scale - Eurolot.

December 2013 - SL306R - Bombardier CRJ900 1:144th scale - Andes livery.

December 2013 - SL304R - 1:144th scale Lockheed Electra L188C(F) in Atlantic Airlines livery.

December 2013 - SL302R - Bombardier CRJ900 1:144th scale - Air France by 'Brit Air'.

December 2013 - SL301R - Dash8Q400 in 1:144th scale - Westjet of Canada.

November 2013 - SL300R - Dash8Q400 in 1:144th scale - Baltic Airways (Current)

November 2013 - MT35R - Boeing KC135R in 1:144th scale - USAF x 3 liveries.

October 2013 - CLS 72-021 - Boeing 737-300 in 1:72nd scale - Frontier 'Dolphins' livery

October 2013 - CLS 72-020 - Boeing 737-300 in 1:72nd scale - Frontier 'Eagles' livery

September 2013 - PM006 - PROTEUS kits Convair VT-29D in USAF markings (1:72nd scale)

September 2013 - SL293 V - 1:144th scale Boeing 747SP-21 in PAN AM 'Billboard' livery

September 2013 - SL289R - 1:144th scale Dash 8-100 series dual liveried kit in either Air Creebec or Hawkair.

August 2013 - SL292R - 1:144th scale BAC 1-11-500 in Dan Air Livery.












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lThis week we have another 1:72nd scale release in the form of CLS72/24 the D.H.Comet 4B in BEA Red Square livery.

Last week we offered another three new releases, two in 1:144th scale, being SL303 R - a full resin kit of the CRJ700 in Air France/HOP livery with decals by Cranc (inc make up image), and SL328R - Resin kit with metal undercarriage of the EMB 195LR in LOT latest livery. Decals by Ray at 2-6. In 1:72nd scale we have the rather large offering of CLS72-25, the DH Comet 4B in Olympic Livery. A vac formed fuselage kit with all resin parts to complete. Decals again by Ray at 2-6 decals.

Our Previous three new releases, a totally re-modelled SL298R - Bombardier CRJ200 in full resin appart from the metal nose cone and undercarriage, with livery of Comair-Delta Connection (2-6 Decals), SL 326V - Boeing 747SP-31 a Vac Formed kit with resin engines, pylons and undercarriage set. Decals by 2-6 in TWA 'TRANS WORLD' livery. Lastly we have SL329V - Boeing 747SP-21 , vac formed kit with full resin engines, pylons and undercarriage set, decals are now by Ray at 20-6 in the PAN AM original livery.

Ffuture releases in 1:144th scale to be released and showing the patterns. (1) MT39P - Lockheed YC121F Turbo Constellation which will be released in Vac/Resin and USAF/USN livery. (2) SL 322P - Lockheed Starliner 1649 in Vac Resin format (3) YO6 - De Havilland Albatross '91' - Imperial airways All resin kit and Finally (4) PJW 85P - Handley Page Victor K2 - RAF in Vac Resin format. The patterns are with the resin casters and will be released as soon as they are cast and cleared for release early in 2015.

We had another page of future new releases here the previous week, all in 1:144th scale - here are the patterns and resin/metal parts already for their releases early 2015. (1) Convair CV-240 (2) Convair CV-340 (3) Convair CV-5800 and finally (4) BAC 1-11 475-9.

Another release in the Military Transport Range, MT34P that being the CFM engined version of the Boeing RC-135W Rivet joint in a differing USAF livery. We also have two images of future production Resin kits intended for release in Early 2015. HD Heron II and BT-67 Basler Dakota.

last weeks releases were MT38P - Boeing RC-135W Rivet joint in USAF livery. It complements the previous kit of PJW84P - Boeing RC-135W Airseeker in RAF livery. A few individuals have rung to ask if we would supply the MT38P with CFM engines akin the PJW84P kit, which we have done where stocks are available. If you want this option we are happy to supply upon request. It will be inevitable that we will release the USAF rivet joint with the later engines at some stage, but many requests were made for the PW engines of the current MT38P kit.

SL299R has been made and the image is available to view on its relevant page - click the link to view.

We have completed the build on PJW83R - the Boeing Airseeker in RAF livery. Stock of the resin parts is being a bit slow to be delivered by the manufacturer due to the heat and humidity we have here at the moment - same situation year in and out, but something we have to suffer as a consequence of the chemical reacion within the moulding process.... new stocks arrived this morning, so thankfully we can finally get kits off to our customers early next week.

A new release in 1:72nd scale in the form of a Boeing 737-300 CLS72/023 which has fuselage plugs included in the kit to make a 400 series if preferred. Make up as detailed above - Detailed decals by Ronin Graphics, of Aus. Prices on the Classic Airliner page.

Another recent new release in 1:144th scale was in the form of PJW81R - the Vickers Varsity T1 Long Radar nose as run by the Royal Aircraft Establishment. A full resin kit with metal props, the decals are by Ray at 2-6 decals and the kit is available with prices in the RAF post war section.

We also had the release of SL295R, EMB135ER in Continetal Express livery,and PJW80R the all resin (With metal Props) Vickers Varsity 668 T Mk 1 in RAF Livery. This very modelled aircraft resides in the Classic Air Force Museum, at Newquay in Cornwall. (Former RAF St. Mawgan) http://www.classicairforce.com/varsity-info

Images of the patterns of the shortly to be released Bombardier Global Express 5000 and Raytheon Sentinel R1/ASTOR kits.

We have a very nice image of SL308R our full resinDash 8 Q400 in Eurolot Livery - decals by Cranc' decals, Wales, GB. The image was kindly provided by the modeller, Vince James, Wales, GB.

We have a number of additional items for sale this week, Two Screen printed decal sets for the TU154 made by Cartograf/Liveries unlimited in CSA-Czechoslovak and Aeroflot 'Official Olympic carrier liveries. We have also bought out two resin engine kits for the BAC 1-11 RE007 as standard complete with engine fan detail and RE008 with Hush Kits attached and engine detail.

Three recent full resin kit releases in 1:144th scale are SL301R - the Dash 8 Q400 in Westjet livery and SL302R, a Bombardier CRJ900 in Air France by Brit Air livery and finally SL 304P - a Lockheed Electra L188C(F) in Atlantic Airlines. Click the links in the 'New releases panel' opposite for more details. There is an image of two Electras in a third party decals scheme on this page for viewers to see the completed model.

Last week we brought to your attention the latest delivery from Bob Crowe of Proteus Models, of whom we are the World Supplier for the kits. This 1:72nd scale model PM006 depicts the Convair VT-29D of the North Dakota ANG from 1975, USAF, known as the Happy Hooligans. Another excellent offering from Bob with a Vac Formed fuselage, resin cockpit, wings, engines, tail planes and rudder, along with metal props and undercarriage to complete.

One new release this week MT72-09 - a 1:72nd scale dual liveried version of the Boeing P-8A Poseidon in VX1 and VP30 U.S.Navy guises. The kit has Vac Formed fuselage and everything else bar the metal undercarriage is in Resin. a comprehensive decal sheet and instructions are provided by Steve Evans, of Ronin Graphics, Australia.

We have included our first images of a completed kit of CLS72-17 the Boeing 727-100 series in the Lufthansa livery made by Stephen Williams, GB. Many thanks for your efforts Stephen for which we are greatful and give you appropriate credits.

Our thanks to Andrew Doppel of Austrailia for modelling one of our CLS72-16 kits and equipping it with TAA livery before photographing it for us.




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CLS72-24 - 1:72nd scale De Havilland Comet 4B in BEA 'Red Square' livery. Vac Formed Fuselage, with full resin parts to complete. Decals by Ray at 2-6.